Friday, December 23, 2016

Wow! What a 2016!

Are you ready for 2017?  I guess it doesn't matter because it's coming anyway.  lol

Christmas tree at my office
Christmas is here.  The tree is trimmed, stockings are stuffed, food is being prepared and families are traveling on their way to their destinations for a wonderful Holiday Season to be cherished for  years to come.

What holiday traditions do you and your family experience from year to year?  My husband and I were just discussing last night, the differences in the menus from where I grew up in Kansas and him growing up in Edmond, Oklahoma. Small differences, but definitely different.I have worked on many projects over the past several months. 
Travel Bag
Christmas Table Runner

Made some Pillow Cases for our Etsy site

Blue Bird Pathways quilt  

I quilted some.......Jeff quilted a LOT!

Kansas Tulip Crown

We won some Blue First Place Ribbons

And one Second Place.  We are so happy and proud of our achievements.
We had the house painted

and, Jeff and I got Married.

My current project is a large queen sized quilt.

Here, I am starting to lay pieces out so that I may be able to wrap my head around the process and start to do some serious assembly.  I put my first 2 blocks on the wall above my sewing machine so that I could possibly get them put together in the right configurations.

This shows some of them put together.  That is a Card Trick block and a simple 9-Patch.  Colors are brown, green, gold, burgundy and cream.  Then I will add two borders, the cream in a finished 2 inch border, then the brown will be a 6 inch finished border on the outside edge.  Backing and binding will also be the brown.  I think it is looking fabulous!

I build my quilts in EQ Stitch.  It's easy and fun to play with the designs, blocks and colors and I can see what size I want the blocks and the finished size of the quilt to be.  What a great way to make a quilt design.

I hope that you are taking some time out to spend with your families this Holiday Season.  Safe travels and Merry Holidays!!!!

I will see you next year!  Show me what projects you are working on!  I would love to see them.

Glenda Prince

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